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Your Business Need Boost?


Sales Contributors

You possess excellent, world-class technology for the Enterprise and Mid-market. Though lack the sales resources to get the word out there, engage decision makers, pitch to important influencers. Varselor has on-ground sales resources in various geographies across the globe, especially the major markets. These business-development resources can act as your front-end representatives to sell into your desired market niche.


Software Marketing-as-a-Service

As a technology vendor, laser-focused on the Enterprise and SME, you wish to carry out various marketing campaigns in a time bound manner, generate qualified leads, and create the additional demand for your offerings. Varselor possesses the marketing know-how and expertise. We can assign you expert resources who can further your global or local Marketing activities, per your specified target audience.


Marketing Contributors

You run a business focused on the technology side of things, and wish to hire the very best of independent contractors or agencies, covering Content-writing, Visual Graphics, Branding, Marketing Communications, PR or Media Relations and many other such specialized trades. Our platform has the existing network in place, for you to check-out and partner with / directly hire your preferred experts.



At the very heart of technology firms, you find its most precious assets, in the form of highly skilled human capital. These technical resources are indispensable for business growth, and to fulfill your staffing requirements, Varselor has an internal desk dedicated to matching your techie needs with the most suitable, of qualified and experienced of talent, from across a spectrum of Enterprise IT technologies.